Healthy eating while traveling

Eating healthy while traveling is hard. It’s not only hard because you want to try some of the local delicacies, but sometimes it’s just easier to eat at a Mcdonald’s. This is fine if it happens once in awhile, but if you are an avid traveler and end up going somewhere every other weekend, all this junk food adds up. It not only adds up in terms of your body weight but also extra expenses. Unless you are a Richie Rich, then it is definitely something to think about. Adding to this, you are also missing out on one amazing experience that somehow has escaped the effect of globalization. 

Book places with a kitchenette

The key tip is actually having some tools of the trade. A lot of apartments nowadays provide a fully equipped kitchenette. Make sure to book one that has a kitchenette on it. Check the reviews as well as many people are doing the same thing. 

Cooking in a kitchenette can be a bit “frightening” as you do not have a lot of things to work with, but that is why you will need to make easy recipes. 

The key ingredients that you need to have are salt and pepper packets from restaurants and small butter that you will usually find wherever you grab breakfast (or you can take them with you). With this, you will not need to get crazy on ingredients. 

Visit local supermarkets

Explore this amazing experience that somehow has escaped the effect of globalisation and that a lot of tourists are completely missing. Local supermarkets have local ingredients that you do not get in your hometown. If you explore them and buy a couple of new things, it will definitely add to the experience. 

Adding to this, a simple pasta does not take a lot of effort and is a hundred thousand times better than dinner at a Mcdonald’s from all perspectives except the one that you are craving Mcdonald’s. 

Pack leftovers

We all know that when we go somewhere to visit, you over-order and you overeat. This is fine and we are not judging. Everyone does it and everyone will definitely do it. One thing that we need to take care of is definitely getting those leftovers with us. You can warm them up and eat them later and this is an amazing idea if you just want to fuel up for breakfast the next day. 

Make your own coffee

Between traveling, exploring, and walking around, you will need coffee. We would recommend that your morning coffee with your breakfast at home should be done as well at home mainly because in Western Europe a simple Capuchino costs close to 5 Eur. Most of the places have water heaters, so just get some of the simple packets that cost cents in the supermarket and have coffee before you get out of the apartment. A simple Nescafe 3in1 will definitely do the trick and keep you fueled.

You can definitely enjoy some fancy barista coffee, but let’s keep those expenses down shall we?


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