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A weekend in Frankfurt am Main

You find yourself in Germany and you are contemplating what city to visit for a weekend. Visit Frankfurt and you will make the most out of your whole weekend.

Frankfurt as a city has the tendency to be like a big village. Everything is reachable via public transport, a bike or even walking. So before you think about coming in with a car, park somewhere outside of the city and get in via the S-Bahn or the U-bahn. Adding to some of the great attractions that you may experience, Frankfurt has great connections to the smaller, yet very beautiful small satellite cities around.

Lets start with the basics, what you need to see when you get to Frankfurt:

Be amazed by the Altstadt of Frankfurt

The Altstadt, or the old city of frankfurt is a typical germanic old city, concentrated into a main square and some great small locations that you can explore. Take some pictures and, in contrary to popular belief, explore the colours of the typical old germanic houses. This part of the city has been fully reconstructed while keeping the old traditions.

The Altstadt is also one of the key places to be in during the year end as the very well known Weihnachtsmarkt takes place.

Explore unique museums

Frankfurt has a collection of some of the coolest museums that you will find in Germany, and best of all, they are all in one big street together. So potentially, if you feel like spending a whole day exploring museums, you can do so without needing to travel the whole city

Before you travel to Frankfurt, just give a quick check for the museum programs. There has never been a time when the city main museum has not had a special show. Don’t underestimate this or you will end up missing something unique.

Have a drink at the Kleinmarkthalle

Kleinmarkthalle which literally means “Small market hall” its a small market that is open only on saturdays where local producers have their small little stands and people just drop by and have a nice time. Without trying to sound corny, but keep in mind that the Rhine is mostly known for their wineries, same as Bavaria is known for their beer. Try and explore the local variety of Reisling, have a bit of Apfelwein and grab a bit of local cheese to pair it all up.

Check out the nearby small cities

Small satellite cities are one of the key reasons why you will never get bored in Frankfurt. Visit Heidelberg, Speyer and Mainz for some great cultural experiences where every single city has it’s unique approach. If you want something closer, check out Bad Hamburg, Höchst, Rüsselsheim or even the smaller yet lively quarters of Frankfurt.

Explore the International atmosphere

Frankfurt is the big financial center of Germany, meaning a whole lot of people from all around the globe are based here. The city is buzzing with restaurants and bars from all around the globe. I have had some of the best meals in my life here, from Argentinian meats to asian experiences. Don’t underestimate this international atmosphere!